Preparing your Facility for the Winter Months

It’s inevitable… winter is coming! To ensure that you have a clean, well-functioning office space and a healthy workforce, there are many things you can do to prepare for this snowy season ahead—and Facility Plus can help you every step of the way. We have put together the following commercial cleaning tips to help keep your staff healthy, and your facility sparkling clean… all winter long!

1. Start with Parking Lot Safety

Be sure to repair any sidewalks or parking areas, and do any asphalt resurfacing or patchwork before the weather turns cold. Have your parking lot’s high lighting replaced or repaired for maximum visibility to keep your staff safe and slip-free! Learn more about our extensive list of exterior services here.

2. Protect Your Floors from the Outdoor Elements

As your clients and employees make their way into your building from the outside, salt, dust and moisture will definitely be making its way into your office as well. Also, this moisture can lead to bacteria build-up… or even harmful mold. Keep this debris off your floors by scheduling regular carpet and floor cleaning. Facility Plus has programs that include deep cleaning, steam cleaning, dry foam cleaning & encapsulation carpet cleaning. We also offer the latest in green cleaning programs. Learn more here!

3. Schedule Regular Window Cleaning

Many businesses forget about their windows during the winter — but having the sun shine through can actually boost your company morale, especially for employees that may feel seasonal depression during the winter. Removing any built-up dust and water stains from your windows will instantly make your office space feel cleaner. Facility Plus offers both exterior and interior window cleaning. Request a quote today!

4. Maintain and clean your HVAC Systems

Now is a great time to have your HVAC systems serviced and cleaned. This will ensure that you are reducing the circulation of germs in your office space and have a well running system ready to heat your facility and create a comfortable environment for your employees! The Facility Plus team of experienced commercial HVAC technicians are certified, insured and bonded, and our work is 100% guaranteed. Learn more here.

5. Use Commercial Cleaning Services to Keep the Germs Away!

Sick days are just around the corner, so keep your facilities germ-free with scheduled, frequent cleaning. Facility Plus has been in the facility services business for over 30 years, providing the highest standards of professional janitorial and corporate housekeeping to the GTA and coast-to-coast across Canada. Learn more here about our skilled, certified staff.

Our expert team provides all of the above commercial services to help keep your offices and work places safe, well-functioning and sparkling clean during the winter season. Contact us today. We know we aren’t always ready for winter, but at least your facilities will be! 

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