Preparing Your Retail Facilities for Holiday Shopping

As your busiest retail season begins, be sure that your space is ready—and safe—to welcome your customers. Facility Plus offers the following products and services to help keep your staff and customers happy and healthy, and your retail facility sparkling clean. Read on!

1. Pandemic Safety Products and Services

Be sure that your retail space has safe distancing practices in place. Our Commercial Handyman Service Team can set up your business with safe distancing practices. Their services include reconfiguring your retail shelving and fixtures, installing and providing proper decals and arrows for your floors to ensure customers are 6 feet apart, and setting up your washrooms for safe distancing. They can also install any plexiglass partitions needed at checkout areas. 

Have the proper pandemic safety products available for your employees. Consider having the following products readily available: hand sanitizing and cleanser stations for your employees and customers upon entry into your store, face masks and shields, disposable gloves, and disinfecting wipes.

Learn more about our Pandemic Safety Products and Services here!

2. Cleaning & Disinfecting Services

It is imperative that you put a cleaning program into place, and that your employees and customers know that you are taking every precaution to ensure a safe shopping experience. For 34 years, our certified, trained technicians have been cleaning and disinfecting many different types of facilities across North America, and we have daily, weekly and custom programs available to suit your individual requirements. Learn more here.

Consider an extra layer of surface protection. Our certified team treats surfaces where microbes live with a lasting, world-class antimicrobial surface treatment called AEGIS Microbe Shield®. This treatment uniquely offers your space enduring protection against the growth of microbes, for 6-12 months on high touch areas.

3. Complete HVAC Services

Improve the air quality and air circulation in your retail space. Ensure that your HVAC system has been serviced and any repairs have been complete. Also, as an extra layer of defence in the fight against COVID-19, it’s so important to have continuous air flow in indoor environments going through an Air Purifier with a HEPA filter. Our Certified Technicians can supply and install Air Purifiers with HEPA Filters in your facility to help increase the overall air flow and quality in your indoor environment. Protect your employees and visitors 24/7, and give them extra peace of mind! Learn more here.

4. Exterior Maintenance Services

Start with parking lot safety. If your retail space is free-standing, be sure to repair any sidewalks or parking areas, and do any asphalt resurfacing or patchwork before the weather turns cold. Have your parking lot’s high lighting replaced or repaired for maximum visibility to keep your staff safe and slip-free.

Schedule regular window cleaning. Removing any built-up dust and water stains from your windows will instantly make your retail space feel cleaner. Facility Plus offers both exterior and interior window cleaning. Request a quote today!

5. Interior Maintenance Services

dry carpet cleaning

Protect your floors from the outdoor elements. As your customers and employees make their way into your building from the outside, salt, dust and moisture will be making its way into your retail space as well. Keep this debris off your floors by scheduling regular carpet and floor cleaning. Facility Plus has programs that include deep cleaning, steam cleaning, dry foam cleaning and encapsulation carpet cleaning. We also offer the latest in green cleaning programs. Learn more here!

Our Handyman Service Team is here for you! Whether it’s time to replace old light fixtures, install new lighting, install shelving, drywall repair, painting, or to make general facility repairs or renovations to your retail space, our handyman technical team provide fast, cost effective solutions for all of your needs. Just Ask Us!

Our expert team provides all of the above commercial services to help keep your retail spaces safe, well-functioning and sparkling clean during your busiest season. Contact us today!

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