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Certified Decontamination Services

During the COVID pandemic, our team of IICRC Certified, trained Facility Plus technicians have been making a material difference for essential businesses and front-line workers as we have been providing decontamination services for many essential businesses across North America. We have also implemented numerous commercial cleaning and disinfecting programs to control the spread of viruses and germs.

Our team follows EACOs emerging and existing pathogen cleaning best practices for environmental professional services as well as ISSA’s and IICRC’s best practices for commercial cleaning and decontaminating facilities. We use the best approved cleaning and disinfecting solutions as well as approved HEPA vacuum systems, decontamination chambers, negative air machines and our team seals off areas as required. We also follow all disposal regulations for all of our supplies.

Certified Cleaning and Disinfecting Services

Since 1987, our IICRC Certified and trained technicians have been cleaning and disinfecting many different types of facilities across North America, including offices, warehouses, industrial spaces, company vehicles and equipment, retirement homes, recreational facilities, retail spaces, shopping centres and more… Just Ask Us!® Our commercial cleaning team works to wash and remove bacteria, while also cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting to reduce the occurrence and growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

We have daily, weekly and custom cleaning and disinfecting programs available to suit your individual requirements.

We use the best practices and equipment such as the Clorox® Total 360® Electrostatic Sprayers, and a variety of fogging systems. Our technicians adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended specifications for the required dwell times of our disinfectants.

At Facility Plus, we also pride ourselves on being leaders when it comes to the use of green products and environmentally friendly cleaning methods. This applies to both our products and equipment and in the many processes we use when cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting.

This not only helps us to get the best possible results for our clients but also helps us to reduce our environmental footprint. Some health & safety compliance & certifications we have include Avetta, Contractor Check, Global Risk Management Solutions, and COGNIBOX, among others.

The Use of AEGIS Microbe Shield

Using Total 360, Clorox, Electrostatic Sprayer or fogging will always give great instant results. However, it is always recommended that you add an additional layer of protection to ensure that there will be no mould growth or a proliferation of bacteria on surfaces over time. To achieve this, AEGIS Microbe Shield® has always been the go-to solution. This solution usually stops the growth of mold and bacteria for up to twelve months after application.

AEGIS Microbe Shield® is trusted by companies all over the world. It is the number one solution for its lasting antimicrobial properties. It also provides great surface protection against microorganisms with cell membranes – such as fungus, algae, mold, yeast, and bacteria. It also eliminates their related odors. Please note that AEGIS Microbe Shield® is not simply a disinfectant, but also an antimicrobial with impressive long-lasting effects.

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