Just Ask Us: The Story Behind our Motto!

At Facility Plus, our motto is JUST ASK US! Have you ever wondered why that is? Because no job is too small for us. We know A LOT goes on behind-the-scenes in your business, and we are here for all of your facility services needs. Along with extensive Janitorial Services, Move Management, Handyman Services, Retail Maintenance, and our Certified Trades—just to name a few, we also have the knowledge, training, right equipment and qualified experts to help you with some lesser-known services, listed here:

Wind Damage

If you have experienced damage to your building or signage due to high winds or high levels of water, we can help! You need the Facility Plus team of professional maintenance technicians to diagnose and assess the damage, offer solutions for facility damage remediation, and repair any damage. The Facility Plus team of technicians deliver 24/7 emergency services for you and your facilities!

Fire Remediation Services

If your business has been damaged by fire or smoke, you need the experience and expertise of the Facility Plus team to minimize business interruption and potential loss of revenue. Our team of technicians are trained in fire mitigation, fire and smoke damage restoration, and corrosion control. We also make use of the latest cleaning products and technology to ensure the best restoration services for our clients!

Pest Control

Do you have a pest problem? Facility Plus offers fast and effective commercial pest control services. Whether it’s insects or small rodents our team is dedicated to using the latest technology to provide the best service. Our technicians are licensed and trained with over 30 years of experience in helping protect businesses from pests that pose a threat to employee health and overall business function.

Graffiti Removal

Our trained technicians will use the right combination of water pressure and detergents to remove the graffiti from your facility surface, and clean and protect the area. We use environmentally safe graffiti removal cleaners that are gentle on your building surfaces and any landscaping.

Entrance Matting Removal and Installation

When your clients and employees make their way into your building from the outside – salt, dust and moisture are also making their way into your office, and this moisture can lead to bacteria build-up or even harmful mold. The best way to combat this is with floor matting! With a wide selection of first-rate, durable matting and carpet, our team will customize your facility flooring to ensure it meets your unique expectations.

Silo Vacuuming

Facility Plus has the perfect vacuum equipment to suction clean a wide range of dry products from your silos. Whether there’s been an operational disruption, an accident, or your silos have been filled with the wrong product, Facility Plus can clean up materials, granulates, powders and all forms of bulk materials and spillages.

Light Bulb Recycling

Recycling your used light bulbs can be time-consuming and confusing. Let us help! We offer removal, disposal and recycling of all of your commercial light bulbs, and we follow the correct, safe and environmentally friendly guidelines for each Canadian province. Trust the experts!

So if you have ever asked yourself, “I wonder if Facility Plus does…” well, Just Ask Us! We love a challenge, and no job is too small. For a clean, safe, professionally maintained and healthy work environment, 24/7—trust Canada’s complete facility services expert, Facility Plus.

Just Ask Us.

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