How to Protect your Facility with Commercial Cleaning

At Facility Plus, we understand that protecting your employees from communicable illness such as the flu is of extreme importance. Our trained commercial cleaning technicians have been in the building maintenance company for over 30 years allowing us to be seen as reputable and reliable. We pride ourselves in having skilled, certified staff who receive ongoing training and use the latest technology available. For many years our team has been using a revolutionary surface protection product called AEGIS Microbe Shield® Material Preservative Coating, which is approved and registered by Health Canada (PCP #15133) and protects surfaces against disease-causing germs. Many of our customers across Canada trust us in the application of AEGIS Microbe Shield® to their offices, cafeterias, meeting rooms, work stations, cellphones, laptops, washrooms, warehouses, company vehicles, and even their tow motors! We have now applied AEM 5700 Antimicrobial protection at over 100 customer locations across Canada!

What is AEGIS Microbe Shield®?

AEGIS Microbe Shield® is the most widely used bonding, durable antimicrobial to control and protect surfaces against disease-causing germs. For over 30 years, our trained and certified technicians have been cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting many different types of facilities across Canada. Our team works to clean and remove bacteria, while also sanitizing and disinfecting to reduce the occurrence and growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi.Although sanitizing and disinfecting is a good short term solution, protecting a surface with AEGIS Microbe Shield® stops the growth of microbes for 6-12 months at a time. AEGIS Microbe Shield® is effective against microorganisms with cell membranes, such as bacteria. A study by Western University’s microbiology laboratories found AEGIS Microbe Shield® reduces the risk of microbial transmission by up to 99 per cent.

Facility Plus is a leader in the use of green products and green-friendly services throughout all aspects of our work to ensure we are doing our part in reducing our environmental footprint. Our list of health & safety compliance & certifications includes: COGNIBOX, Contractor Compliance, ISN, COMPLYWORKS, Avetta, Contractor Check and Global Risk Management Solutions.

How it Works

AEGIS Microbe Shield®  is not a detergent or a bleach. It is an antimicrobial surface treatment that creates an inhospitable place for micro-organisms. AEM 5700 Antimicrobial bonds to treated surfaces becoming a bed of spikes which puncture the cell wall of micro-organisms on contact. It is registered with Health Canada, PMRA, as a surface protection to control and protect the surfaces from bacteria. It’s truly a surface protection product that lives on!

Where can AEM 5700 Antimicrobial be Applied?

AEGIS Microbe Shield® should always be applied by trained professionals such as our AEGIS Microbe Shield® application team and applied on all high-touch, high-risk surfaces within your facility. Door knobs, board room tables, appliance handles and controls, photocopiers, computer key pads, phones, washroom taps, and flush levers… are some of the best places, just to name a few. In fact, any surface that many people come in contact with is a surface that can be made germ-free!

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