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During these difficult times, we have been doing everything in our power to ensure that our clients’ offices and premises remain clean, sanitized, and disinfected. Whether it is through regular cleaning or bacteria removal, or sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces and other working or living spaces, our efforts have ensured a reduced occurrence and subsequent growth of bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting are all great short term solutions for good hygiene. But, if you are interested in protecting surfaces for the long term, then you will need a long-lasting solution such as AEGIS Microbe Shield Material Preservative Coating.

This coating is specifically designed to protect surfaces from various disease-causing pathogens for anywhere between six and twelve months. It is a revolutionary surface protection coating trusted by millions of people all over the world.

AEM 5700 Antimicrobial Explained – What it Is

AEM 5700 Antimicrobial is known all over the world as the AEGIS Microbe Shield®. It is primarily used for bonding and as durable antimicrobial coating designed to control and protect surfaces from a variety of disease-causing germs.

With this shield you are assured of surface protection that endures. It is designed to not only kill germs but also offer long-lasting protection against the growth of harmful microbes on surfaces for anwhere between six and twelve months. Some of the most important application points within a corporate facility include bathroom facilities, microwaves, gym equipment, desks, computers, elevator button panels, and doorknobs, among others.

How does it work?

AEGIS Microbe Shield® should never be treated as bleach or detergent. Simply, it is an antimicrobial treatment for surfaces that have been designed to create a harsh environment for microorganisms. It works by bonding onto the applied surfaces where it creates a bed of spikes that will puncture the cell walls of any microorganism that comes into contact with it.

The solution is approved and registered by PMRA, and Health Canada as surface protection for controlling and protecting the surfaces from bacteria.

How AEGIS Microbe Shield® Compares to other Antimicrobials?

Our professional technicians use this solution to protect surfaces from dangerous microbes. The technology used in designing this antimicrobial coating give it the ability to bond to surfaces, leading to the creation of a strong, durable, invisible, and safe barrier – making it impossible for microorganisms to settle and grow on surfaces.

It can control and prevent the growth of a huge variety of microorganisms, including mold, yeast, mildew, algae, and bacteria.

Here is a brief look at some of the unique properties contained in the AEGIS Microbe Shield:

  • It can adhere to nearly all surfaces, including synthetic and natural fibers.
  • Its composition doesn’t contain tin, heavy metals, arsenic, or any poly-chlorinated phenols.
  • It will not migrate or rub off onto the skin.
  • It is recognized, accepted, and registered by Health Canada.

The Safety of AEGIS Microbe Shield®

Since AEGIS Microbe Shield® doesn’t dissipate, it comes with no risks to either the technicians or the customers. During the drying process following its application, the water in the solution will evaporate. This causes the molecules of the monomeric silicone-based chemicals, called organosilane to chemically bond to the surface being treated.

The result is a surface with no migrating residues, no odor, no color, and no off-gassings. The treatment has undergone a variety of extensive toxicological and safety tests to ensure that it meets the standards required by Health Canada, USDA the US EPA and others.

Get in touch with us for safe application of AEGIS Microbe Shield®

It is vital that AEGIS Microbe Shield® be applied by a trained and experienced professional and that it be applied to all high-touch, high-risk surfaces. We have a special AEGIS Microbe Shield Application Team that is ready to get the job done for you in the safest and most professional manner.

With the help of our commercial cleaning team, any surface in your facility that many people come into contact with is a high-risk surface, and we are ready to help you make it germ-free.

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