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Everything You Need to Know About AEGIS Microbe Shield® Material Preservative Coating

During these difficult times, our team is doing everything we can to help our clients clean, sanitize and disinfect their office facilities. From cleaning and removing bacteria, to sanitizing and disinfecting various surfaces and areas, our team is working to reduce the occurrence and growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Although cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting is a good short term solution – protecting a surface with the revolutionary surface protection product AEGIS Microbe Shield® Material Preservative Coating protects surfaces against disease-causing germs for 6-12 months at a time. Read on to learn more about this revolutionary product!

What is AEM 5700 Antimicrobial – known worldwide as AEGIS Microbe Shield®?

AEGIS Microbe Shield® is the most widely used bonding, durable antimicrobial to control and protect surfaces against disease-causing germs. A surface protection that lives on!

AEGIS Microbe Shield® kills germs and uniquely offers the facility enduring protection against the growth of harmful microbes for 6-12 months on high touch areas. Within a corporate facility, some high touch areas include places such as doorknobs, elevator buttons, computers, desks, gym equipment, microwaves, and bathroom facilities.

How does it work?

AEGIS Microbe Shield® is not a detergent or a bleach; it is an antimicrobial surface treatment that creates an inhospitable place for micro-organisms. AEGIS Microbe Shield® bonds to treated surfaces becoming a bed of spikes which puncture the cell wall of micro-organisms on contact. It is approved and registered by Health Canada (PCP #15133), PMRA, as a surface protection to control and protect the surfaces from bacteria.

How does AEGIS Microbe Shield® compare to other antimicrobials?

Our certified applicators use AEGIS Microbe Shield® to protect surfaces from harmful microbes. The technology in this antimicrobial allows it to bond to surfaces, resulting in a strong, durable, invisible, effective and extremely safe barrier that controls and prevents the growth of microorganisms. AEGIS Microbe Shield® is proven to control and prevent the growth of an extremely wide range of microorganisms such as bacteria, algae, yeasts, mould, and mildew.

AEGIS Microbe Shield® has the following properties which differentiates it from other antimicrobials:

  • It is compatible with virtually all surfaces, including natural and synthetic fibres.
  • It does not contain any arsenic, tin, heavy metals, or polychlorinated phenols.
  • It does not rub off or migrate onto the skin.
  • This product is accepted and registered by Health Canada.

AEGIS Microbe Shield® Safety

AEGIS Microbe Shield® does not dissipate, therefore poses no risk to our applicators or customers. As the water in the solution evaporates during the drying process, organosilane molecules chemically bond to the surfaces being treated. The result is a treated surface with no migrating residue, no odour, no colour and no off-gassing of any kind.

Extensive toxicological and safety testing has been completed to satisfy Health Canada, the US EPA, and the USDA.

Contact us today for the safe application of AEGIS Microbe Shield®

AEGIS Microbe Shield® should always be applied by trained professionals such as our AEGIS Microbe Shield® Application Team, and applied on all high-touch, high-risk surfaces within your facility. Any surface that many people come in contact with is a surface that can be made germ-free!

Call us toll-free at 1-855-275-8735 to book a consultation with our AEGIS Microbe Shield® Application Team today. Together, we can provide a healthy and safe work environment for you and your employees!

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