Custom Folding Walls & Partitions

Custom Folding Walls, Partitions, Security Grills & Store Front Gates

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Facility Plus - Folding Wall - Acoustic Panels, Omni Directional Wall Panels
Omni Directional Flat Wall Panels
Facility Plus - Manually Operated Folding Walls Acoustic Panels
Acoustic Wall Panels – Manual Operation
Custom Folding Walls and Retail Store Grilles - Facility Plus
Acoustic Wall Panels – Automatic Operation
Facility Plus operable walls are overhead-supported movable wall panels designed for space maximization and sight and sound barriers. Multi-directional, individual panels easily negotiate 90 degree 2, 3, and 4-way track intersections. Each panel can be turned in any direction, anywhere along the track grid allowing the panels to close off alternative openings and/or be stored in alternate locations when not in use.
  • Available to 44 feet  high
  • Sheer Look® panel edges with no exposed trim
  • Full height pin-tackable surfaces
  • Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings to STC 55
  • Multi-Directional, Individual Panels or Paired Panels
  • Continuous horizontal top and bottom seals
  • Quiet, smooth, aluminum track systems


Facility Plus - Vinyl Accordion Folding Panels
Vinyl Accordion-Style Folding Panels
Facility Plus - Wood Laminate Folding Panels
Wood Laminate Folding Panels
Facility Plus - Sound Deadening Folding Panels
Acoustic Control Folding Panels
Facility Plus folding partitions are overhead-supported walls that come in 8″ and 12″ folding panel sizes. Designed to require minimal operating space, these partitions maximize the flexibility of room while also adding sight and sound barriers. Each door is custom made to fit your opening and room partition requirements exactly. Unlike swinging and bi-fold doors, which protrude into a room, folding doors do not interfere with the placement of furniture or walking clearances. There is no floor track to accumulate dirt or create a safety hazard and no troublesome pivot hardware to allow the door to fall down. Panels stay strong and straight through the years, providing quiet, easy and reliable operation. With a wide selection of models, sizes, and surfacing options designed to fit your facility needs.
  • Strong, laminated wood core panels
  • Wood veneer, vinyl or decorative laminate surface
  • Available to 18 feet (5512mm) high
  • Sound ratings from STC 25 to STC 50
  • Manual or electrical operation
  • Strong, durable 8″ or 12″ wide panels
  • Matching panel connector mouldings
  • Decorative aluminum track
  • Double ball-bearing wheels
  • Automatic latches and jamb mould


Facility Plus - Sliding & Folding Security Grilles
Folding & Sliding Security Grilles
Facility Plus - Roll Down Security Grilles
Roll Up Security Grilles
Facility Plus - Roll Up Steel Doors & Fire Doors
Steel Roll Up Doors & Fire Doors
Facility Plus offers a wide selection of security entrance closures and grilles. Our diverse product line offers both rolling and side folding closures and grilles that can be custom designed for any opening or entrance design requirement. With a wide range of innovative features and quality finishes our line of grilles and closures offer more security entrance solutions for retail, office, industrial, educational and health industry facilities to fit your exact requirements. All grilles are suspended from a single overhead track and can be stored completely clear of the entrance or opening.
  • Custom designed, any layout any curves
  • Broad design choice, seven different grille patterns
  • Easily operated
  • No overhead room required
  • Cover small and large span openings
  • Low maintenance / Long life
  • Assured quality and corrosion-resistance
  • Solid steel construction doors withstand high wind
  • Optional steel door finishes include bronze anodization or variety of powder-coat paint colors
  • Manual pull rope operation with optional chain hoist or electric motor operator


Security Grilles / Gates:

Roll Down
Store Front Security
Kiosk Security
Custom Design

Folding Walls & Partitions:

Omni Directional
Acoustic Panel Flat Walls
Accordion-Style Folding Partitions
Sound Deadening Partitions
Manual Operation
Automatic Operation

Meeting Facility Needs:

Commercial Office
Health Industry

Facility Plus Service Advantage:

Certified, Expert Technicians
Guaranteed Service Quality
Fully Insured
Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Certified
24/7 Service Delivery
Green Products

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