New Year’s Resolutions for your Building Maintenance Services

Happy New Year to you and your team! The start of a new year can be such a productive and important time at your facility, and just like individuals make New Year’s Resolutions, you can set some goals and priorities for your office space. We’ve put together some ideas for you below!

Improve Your Office Space

Having an office environment where your staff actually wants to spend their time is an achievable goal, and can be accomplished by creating an engaging and productive space. Here are some ideas:

1. Fresh coat of paint. The new year is an excellent time to paint or repair your office walls, and our Facility Plus commercial painting team are here for you. Our services include interior and exterior office facility painting, refinishing and drywall repair. Our team will prep your office space for flawless painting results, including moving furniture and equipment, and protecting the office environment during the painting process. Learn more here about our painting services.

2. Reconfigure your workspace. The layout of your office is so important for office productivity. Facility Plus commercial movers can help with all of your office moves and our installers can help extend the life of existing furniture assets through reconfiguration. Our technicians will dismantle, move and re-install, expertly blending the various system elements to maximize productivity and office environment aesthetics. Learn more here about our complete move management services.

3.  Consider an office renovation. Perhaps 2020 is the year to make your dream renovations a reality. Facility Plus has the resources and industry-leading technicians to provide you with facility designs and layouts… and all within your budget requirements. We also have the licensed and certified technical trades, mechanical trades, electricians, plumbers, handyman services and professional painters to deliver industry leading renovation results. Learn more here.

Create an Engaging Lunch Room or Break Space

Increase company morale and employee engagement by improving your company’s break rooms. Here are some ideas to make your break room a more relaxing and engaging space!

1. But first, coffee! Set up a coffee station for your employees to keep them energized throughout the day. Consider company mugs, special napkins and fresh flowers in vases. Little touches can go a long way!

2. Comfortable Seating. Ensure that every employee has a place to sit down during the break. Set up seating for both eating and resting, such as couches or lounge chairs.

3. Schedule regular janitorial cleaning. Your lunch room and break spaces should be as spotless as possible! Our corporate house-keeping team provides proven, reliable, janitorial and cleaning services, and operates 24/7 to provide the facility services you need when you need them—including emergency services. Facility Plus would be honoured to help you create an environment that your employees thrive in! Learn more here.

Get Organized Behind-the-Scenes

Having a well-organized workplace can lead to increased productivity for your team. The warehouses and storage rooms of your facility are most likely some of the hardest working places of your business, but may be the least likely to be cleaned and organized on a regular basis. Here’s a helpful checklist!

1. High dusting and complete warehouse cleaning. Book our Facility Plus expertly trained technical staff to ensure that dust, dirt and grease are removed from your warehouses, even from tight and hard-to-get-at locations. This will help you maintain a healthy and safe work environment for your staff, customers and products. Learn more here.

2. Replacing lights. Ensure that your warehouse is properly lit, so that everyone can find what they’re looking for! Facility Plus is working-at-heights certified and can take care of any lighting that needs fixing or replacing. We also offer removal, disposal and recycling of all of your commercial light bulbs, and we follow the correct, safe and environmentally friendly guidelines for each Canadian province.

3. Recycling and garbage disposal. As you clean and organize your warehouses or storage spaces to create a more efficient environment – garbage and recycling can start to pile up. Facility Plus has all of the proper equipment to help you with your junk removal and recycling needs.

We hope that this blog post inspires and encourages you to set goals and resolutions for you and your business facilities, and we’re here to help you along the way. Call us today! Facility Plus wishes everyone a safe and prosperous New Year, and we look forward to working with you!

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