Customer satisfaction is paramount to us. If, for any reason, you feel the services we provided do not meet the mutually agreed upon standards set out at the beginning of the process, Facility Plus will gladly re-do the work at no charge.


Products & Supplies

Facility Plus is a one stop shop where you get all the hospitality products as well as services. There are several products and services that are needed within an organization in order to keep an office smoothly running such as Washroom Supplies, Moving of Bins, and Janitorial or Cleaning Supplies to name a few. Therefore a proper Products and Supplies service provider is a very important part of any organization.

Facility Plus team is here to be the ultimate source of all the rentals and sales done in your office in order to keep your office a running and supplied one as well pretty smoothly.
Several technicians and other workers here work for making your office place a healthy, worthy and a perfect place for work.
Some of the services done by the technicians of Facility Plus are as follows:
  • Carpet Sales
  • Ceiling Panels
  • Janitorial/Cleaning Supplies
  • Moving Bins
  • Office Chairs
  • Power Distribution
  • Temperature Control Equipment
  • Water Drying Air Movers
  • Winter Ice Melt
  • Washroom Supplies
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