Facility Plus Carpet Cleaning, Stain Removal, Maintenance and Emergency Services

Facility Plus is Canada’s expert in commercial carpet, floor and furniture cleaning and maintenance. Facility Plus technicians are IICRC Certified (The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) and specially trained in latest carpet and furniture maintenance techniques and technology.

Facility Plus has programs to meet every customer’s individual needs from one time cleaning to complete maintenance programs that include ongoing vacuuming, cleaning, deep cleaning, specialty stain and soiling removal, and repair. Our professionally trained technicians come to your offices or facility for a full visual inspection and provide you a written estimate.

Facility Plus also offers emergency cleaning and drying services for situations where your business has been subjected to water overflows or flooding. Our technicians extract water, dry out floors and help you salvage your furniture, equipment, and appliances. No job is too small—or too big!

We are the stain removal experts for office carpet cleaning. All of our technicians are professional carpet cleaners using the most advanced techniques.

Professional carpet cleaning is a core part of our business. Facility Plus uses the very best equipment and carpet cleaning processes in the industry. We have been in business since 1987 cleaning office carpets for some of the largest office buildings in the GTA, Hamilton-Niagara, Kitchener–Waterloo–London regions and right across Canada.

As a major carpet cleaning company, we work to ensure that our customers get the very best trained professionals for their carpet cleaning services


Facility Plus professional carpet cleaning program for all office and facility environments
Professional commercial carpet cleaning expertise
Facility Plus, Canada's commercial carpet cleaning leader
Facility Plus professional carpet cleaning program
Facility Plus professional carpet cleaning for offices and facilities
Facility Plus professional carpet cleaning difference before and after

Facility Plus Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance Programs:

Facility Plus achieves its best carpet cleaning maintenance results by working with property owners who provide us with:
  • Their carpet cleaning and maintenance goals and desired outcomes
  • A floor plan of the facility to review for addressing heavy foot-traffic areas
  • Marking heavy soiling areas on the plan along with congestion channels and traffic lanes

After reviewing your needs, reviewing the floor plan and completing a joint walk-through inspection, Facility Plus develops a plan that includes daily, monthly and periodic preventative carpet cleaning and maintenance for your facility.

All Facility Plus work is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied, our carpet cleaning technicians will return at no cost and repeat the process for maximum results.

All Facility Plus technicians are fully insured and WSIB certified.

Our Carpet Cleaning Program

The IICRC recommends an eight-step approach for hot water extraction cleaning, which uses a high-flow, high-extraction system. These eight steps include: pre-inspection, pre-vacuuming, pre-spotting, pre-conditioning, agitating, dwell time, extraction, grooming, and drying.

Our commercial carpet cleaning technicians work after hours and on weekends to ensure that your business operations are not interupted.


Green Commercial Carpet Cleaning

At Facility Plus we employ a number of green carpet and furniture cleaning strategies to protect the environment and help our customers comply with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System.

cility Plus Pro-Plus carpet cleaning program for all office and facility environments
cility Plus Pro-Plus carpet cleaning program for all office and facility environments
cility Plus Pro-Plus carpet cleaning program for all office and facility environments
cility Plus Pro-Plus carpet cleaning program for all office and facility environments
Facility Plus Pro-Plus carpet cleaning program

Our professional carpet cleaning technicians are fully insured and provide services to commercial, industrial, institutional, retail, and government building customers.

Service Schedules Available:
  • Regular monthly maintenance program
  • Predetermined periodic schedule of visitations
  • One-time service call

Services Available:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Carpet protection application
  • Water damage restoration
  • Animal stains and odour removal
  • Removal of soiling in furniture fabrics from cooking oils, fireplace smoke, dust. etc.
  • If you don’t see it on the list, Just Ask Us!®

Our Carpet Cleaning Equipment Includes:

Vacuum – CRI tested
High-flow extractor
60 feet of hose for extraction
T-Rust Spotter
Solvent Spotter
21′ drying fans
Pre-spray products

The key to a successful carpet cleaning program is effective extraction equipment, scheduled carpet cleaning, and experienced professional carpet cleaning technicians who are positive about achieving the best results possible.