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Complete Workstation Cleaning & Sanitization Services - Facility Plus
Facility Plus specialty cleaning services ensure computers and workstations are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. With Facility Plus specialty cleaning services all debris is removed from the keyboards, each key is then individually cleaned and the keyboard is then sanitized. Computer screens are cleaned to remove dirt and dust and treated with an anti static coating. Dirt and grime is removed from the computer mouse including groves, track balls and feet. Telephone handsets and phone units are cleaned to remove dirt and the unit is then sanitized. Printers are thoroughly cleaned. Calculator keys and screens are thoroughly cleaned. Desks are cleaned removing dirt, marks and stains and the complete workstation is then sanitized.


Office Furniture & Workstation fabric specialty cleaning - Facility Plus
Facility Plus technicians thoroughly vacuum and spot clean all upholstery furniture and fabric workstation panels. This is followed with deep extraction steam cleaning to remove all allergens and bacteria. Stain guarding is then applied to the fabric and the frames and bases are then cleaned and polished.


Complete Pressure Services - Facility Plus
Facility Plus technicians use latest technology pressure washing and surface cleaning equipment to deliver outstanding interior and exterior cleaning results for all types of commercial facilities. Commercial facility surfaces such as concrete flooring, birck and concrete walls, parking lots, outdoor patios and walkways collect large amounts of dirt, grime, oil, grease, gum and pollution over time. Our professional cleaning and maintenance program restores the original look and cleanliness to your commercial property.


Expert High Dusting Services 24/7 - Facility Plus
Facility Plus technicians are expert trained in high dusting services using latest technology equipment to achieve the best results. Implementing a quarterly, semi-annual or annual high level cleaning program in your facility will maintain a safe & healthy environment. Our high dusting programs include duct work, light fixtures, structural supports including roof trusses and support beams, fans, electrical conduit, production equipment, platforms, tubing, racking and shelving, high , level walls and ledges, vent covers and diffuser grills, signage, fire sprinklers, gas, and water lines.


Specialty Cleaning Services:

Computer Room Cleaning and Dust Collection
Duct and Air Vent Cleaning
Fabric panel cleaning
High Dusting
Industrial Plant Cleaning
Facility Kitchen Cleaning
Office Computer and Telephone Cleaning
Retail Store Cleaning
Stripping and Waxing
Ultra Sonic Blind Cleaning and new blinds
Construction Clean-up
Upholstery Cleaning
Wall Washing
Warehouse Cleaning and High dusting

Pressure Washing Services:

Interior & Exterior Facility Walls
Vinyl & Aluminum Cladding
Concrete Walls, Platform & Flooring
Parking Lot
Outdoor Cafe & Common Areas
Graffiti Removal
Chewing Gum Removal

High Dusting & Cleaning Services:

Duct Work
Light Fixtures
Structural Supports Including Roof Trusses & Support Beams
Electrical Conduit
Production Equipment, Platforms, Tubing & Enclosures
Racking & Shelving
High Level Walls & Ledges
Vent Covers & Diffuser Grills
Signage & Displays
Fire Sprinklers
Gas & Water Lines

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Guaranteed Service Quality
Fully Insured
Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Certified
24/7 Service Delivery
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