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Customer satisfaction is paramount to us. If, for any reason, you feel the services we provided do not meet the mutually agreed upon standards set out at the beginning of the process, Facility Plus will gladly re-do the work at no charge.


Millwork — Doors and Trim

You’ll hear the term “millwork” used to encompass any kind of building element fabricated from wood. Back at the turn of the century—the last century, during the 1800s!—just about everything in a person’s house or business was made of “milled” wood. And much of what you see became standardized: crown mouldings at ceiling level or above cabinets, the mouldings around windows and doors, floor and ceiling trim, decorative elements.

Today, most millwork building materials have been standardized: Doors come in specific, ready made styles and sizes, already hinged inside their casing for ease of installation. And there are many variations in style, composition, quality, and usage. While your average office door may look fine, it may actually have a hollow core—a much more cost-conscious choice—instead of being solid wood. Or it may even be manufactured out of a synthetic material that looks and feels exactly like wood. A solid-core door, however, offers more style, elegance, and prestige.

Cabinetry, shelving, and even furniture are more and more being made of recycled wood chips and processed synthetic elements. These are the mass-produced styles that you find in most big-box home improvement stores. For custom-designed, quality millwork products you need to research and source artisans who can build to spec and match your criteria as for kind of wood and style which of course is a costly option. There are manufacturers, however, who manufacture high density polyurethane products for both interior and exterior use with such high quality and attention to detail that they are nearly indistinguishable from “the real thing.”
Whatever your millwork needs, whether it’s replacing the floor trim after years of abuse from cleaning equipment and fluids, or redesigning your rooms to add class and distinction, Facility Plus can resource the right materials and styles to suit your needs. If your millwork needs include exterior products such as decking, railings, balustrades, columns, or decorative pieces, Facility Plus can help you make the right decisions to spruce up your exterior and improve your curb appeal.

As a leading facility services company that has been serving the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario for nearly thirty years, our team has grown over the years, and so has our depth of knowledge and skill in the areas of maintenance, service, and renovation. And we pride ourselves in the personalized customer service that we offer. We provide our clients with a one stop service shop—we handle floors and ceilings and everything in between. We are confident that our extensive menu of facility services will meet all of your needs. No job is too small—or too big! Just Ask Us!®

No matter the size or complexity of the task, we have the resources and manpower to handle your needs. And we guarantee that we will work to your satisfaction, during off hours and weekends if needed. Please call for a no-obligation quote, or schedule a Facility Plus coordinator to visit your facility, review your requirements, and explain the options available.

Facility Plus technicians are registered with the Ontario Worker Safety Insurance Board (WSIB). They are fully insured and bonded professionals and have all undergone a criminal background check—not only will you be more than satisfied with the quality of their work but you can rest assured of their quality of character.