Furniture Maintenance Program

What does it take to maintain a fresh looking and welcoming office? The first thing is to clean your office furniture on a regular basis, especially in your public areas, where the furniture is more likely to be subjected to spills, accidents, and abuse. The second thing is to know the best processes and materials to clean your furniture and extend its life span.

Facility Plus is a one-stop service shop for office maintenance and emergency services. Our licensed furniture maintenance technicians can handle every aspect of proper furniture maintenance: vacuuming upholstered furniture on a regular and consistent basis, rotating cushions at regular intervals to keep them from collapsing, cleaning spills, and removing stains.

They are also trained to care for the hard surfaces of your furniture: repairing, refinishing, and waxing wood, polishing metal armrests and legs, cleaning and dusting table or tray surfaces, all the while being attentive to stains and lacquer finishes. They are trained in the use of the appropriate cleaners and conditioners for leather furniture, and they are aware that furniture exposed to the sun will need extra care to retain its natural colors and not fade.

Your satisfaction is our goal at Facility Plus. If you need your furniture reconfigured or moved after it’s been cleaned, just let our personnel know. We would be happy to take care of that for you. Just give us a call and we will have a Facility Plus coordinator visit your office, assess your needs, and provide you with a written estimate.

No matter the size or complexity of the task, we have the resources and manpower to handle your needs. And we guarantee that we will work to your satisfaction, during off hours and weekends if needed. Please call for a no-obligation quote, or schedule a Facility Plus coordinator to visit your facility, review your requirements, and explain the options available.

No job is too small—or too big! Just Ask Us!®

Facility Plus technicians are registered with the Ontario Worker Safety Insurance Board (WSIB). They are fully insured and bonded professionals and have all undergone a criminal background check—not only will you be more than satisfied with the quality of their work but you can rest assured of their quality of character.