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Duct Cleaning Services

Whether your business is a commercial warehouse, a retail operation, an office building, a university campus, or a retreat house, you rely on the quality of the air you are breathing. When air is moving through your heating and air conditioning vents, that air invariably contains any variety of particulate matter, from dust and dirt particles, to chemicals and allergens. It can be a complex mixture that adds up to a mild form of air pollution.

Your HVAC blower motor circulates the air through a filter, but some particulates always get through—no filter works 100 percent. Over time, even when you change these filters on a regular basis, dust and dirt particles get deposited on the flat surfaces of your vents, leach into the air when the blower comes on, and circulate throughout your system, and your business. The best way to mitigate this danger to your air is to periodically clean out your ducts.

It is estimated that an average-size home creates as much as 40 pounds of dust and dirt annually. Imagine what a commercial enterprise or a large office building produces. You need only look at the rafters in some “big box” hardware stores, for example, to see the accumulation of dirt and dust that is being circulated. It takes specialized tools to dislodge the dust and dirt in the venting system and industrial-strength vacuum cleaners to remove it all.

Our technicians will also clean your blowers, change your filters, offer advice on how to address any issues they discover with your venting system and eliminate allergens from the air you breathe.

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