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Ceiling Roof Leak Diverter

Facing a roof leak? Taking up a repair service too takes up a lot of time to make that damaged ceiling get repaired perfectly. Take up a fast and easy way that will save you from that roof leak in no time. Get a ceiling roof leak diverter from Facility Plus today!
A Ceiling Roof Leak Diverter effectively stops the water from coming into your office or home. It is hung from the ceiling and it collects and ‘diverts’ the water from a dripping roof or pipe thus, saves a lot from being damaged.
A roof leak diverter provided by the Facility Plus team are pretty durable, fast as well easy to put in and remove at your homes or offices. They will for sure keep your place protected from any of those celling leak instances.

Some of the elements that can help in keeping you save from all kinds of mishaps happening regarding the ceiling, they are as follows:

  • Ceiling Dust Reflectors
  • Plastic Never Rust Diffusers and Vents
  • Drainage Tarps
  • Filtered Air Diffuser
  • Ceiling Tile Stain Blocker
  • Linear Air Diverters
  • Sav-A Ceiling Acoustic Tile Coating
  • Ceiling Domes and Mirrors
  • Restore Rusty Metal Ceiling Grid

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