Folding Walls and Roll Up Gates

What if you could increase the functionality of your office, meeting or facility space? How much would a sliding partition or folding wall increase the productivity of your meeting, conference or banquet space? What if you could schedule two smaller events simultaneously rather than have to re-schedule with customers?

The Facility Plus line of folding walls & partitions and roll up enclosures offers the flexibility of being able to divide large spaces giving you increased productivity and flexibility, as well as scaled-down set up and cleanup times. Facility Plus also has the technicians to help you plan and install the partitions. Choose from fine wood-finished folding-panel divider systems to accordion style partitions. They all fold back against or into the wall when not in use. They are also designed to provide acoustical and noise-level relief from each side.

We also have systems designed for security including partitions, barriers, and grilles, constructed out of metal providing both security and access control. Facility Plus also has solutions designed for smaller scale needs such as closing off retail, wardroom, utility, closet or storage areas.

For retail, service or counter space areas, Facility Plus has roll-up enclosure systems that are both aesthetically pleasing and secure for any setting needs. All of our partition and roll-up systems are custom built, easy to operate, fully retractable and are available in manually or motorized versions.

Our technicians will ensure that your normal hours of operation are not interrupted and that professional installation is completed on time, on budget, and to your satisfaction. Call today for full information on specifications, hardware options, installation and scheduling, as well as ongoing service and maintenance options.

No matter the size or complexity of the task, we have the resources and manpower to handle your needs. And we guarantee that we will work to your satisfaction, during off hours and weekends if needed. Please call for a no-obligation quote, or schedule a Facility Plus Facility Coordinator to visit your facility, review your requirements and explain the options available.

No job is too small—or too big! Just Ask Us!®

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Customer satisfaction is paramount to us. If, for any reason, you feel the services we provided do not meet the mutually agreed upon standards set out at the beginning of the process, Facility Plus will gladly re-do the work at no charge.
Roll up gate for security and access control
Folding partition wall or door to divide room and control sound levels
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Facility Plus technicians are registered with the Ontario Worker Safety Insurance Board (WSIB). They are fully insured and bonded professionals and have all undergone a background check - not only will you be more than satisfied with the quality of their work but you will be impressed with their commitment to customer service.